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Sindh Flood Situation
Posted: Sep 20, 2014
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Posted: Sep 20, 2014
Power Shortfall in Pakistan
Posted: Sep 20, 2014
Imran Khan objection on voter’s turnout
Posted: Sep 20, 2014

 Water Generator Swat
In a country where Electricity is always Short in Supply, one man uses H2O to create Electricity

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If electricity would start generating by water than who will feed our Govt and leaders of Paksitan. They fetch their food from the mouth of Poor Pakistanis throug Electricity Bill money.They pay/return by this money the loans borowed by them for their livings and food. So, this man have done no dought great job, but unfortunately this feat is done on wronge location.Some one abroad would take him and use his talent and Innovation. But not us.God help us.

Problem with Pakistanis is we just criticize , we dont know the strength of our unity , like revolutions occurred in Syria , Iran etc , if we get UNITED we can easily THROW this Corrupted Politicians away.. But we only concern about ourselves , we forget its our Country and we are responsible for it .

goood work... excellent lucky to have such talented ppl can v get the contact num of this person.. i request geo news to plz give the num of this person....... this will even help many ppl

MashaAllah, good work. Let's all support him n help build his company. We will benefit from this achievements.

if someone can give me his contact? I can offer him something really good.

Muhammad Mubasher
a very huge success to our mankind brother but he will be a monster to our animal-kind politicians because this will be the end of killing and having each other,s neck between the lobby and parking lawn of pm,s house and pm,s bathroom !!!!! ALLAH AAP KO APNE HIFZ O AMMAN ME RAKHE ----- FAISAL GHULAM FROM GREAT PAKISTAN

bhaio agr govt ne support start kr di es bro ki tu kal ko pani pe bhi tax lag jaye ga aor khane peene, nahane dhone sab chez pe tax jaisa k aaj kal mobile users pe FM radio tax lagne wala ha @: So don't involve govt in any of your endeavor as it pushes each & everything to their non filling accounts.

this thing is a great achievement but its useless govt. will never support him if they will support this guy they will not get their commissions, come on friends and be practical first step out by your self and try to change things on our own.

Umair Khan

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