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FATA MPAs Reaction
Posted: Mar 05, 2015
Traveling Restrictions Extends
Posted: Mar 05, 2015
PPP to appear as single largest party: Zardari
Posted: Mar 05, 2015
PTI is all set for the Senate Elections
Posted: Mar 05, 2015
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 Overweight Police Officers
Overweight police officers are exercising in Public Park to lose weight

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harram khana band kar do to ye khud he kam ho jay ga

very good initiative. Efforts of the policemen taking part in this should be appreciated. Reporting of media should be more constructive and positive. This type of reporting reflects the irresponsible and unprofessional attitude of media, lack of training and education of reporters as well as their seniors who approve of such bad reports. I think its high time now for media to start becoming more responsible.

The only thing that is growing in Pakistan is BELLY.


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